Sherwood Corporate Solutions Ltd

Senior Partner Practice of St. James's Place Wealth Management

Robert Hardwick, Principal

Based in Sheffield, I provide wealth management advice to clients throughout the country. I have worked within the financial services industry in excess of 30 years, as a consequence, I am now a Certified and Chartered Financial Planner.

I am committed to ensuring that my industry knowledge remains relevant and current by placing strong emphasis on my personal development. This, along with the pride and dedication that I place on developing solid personal relationships with my clients, ensures that am I able offer a rounded, professional and principled service.

Sarah Clow Chartered Financial Planner, Adviser

I have worked in Financial Services for the past 15 years. I pride myself on building long term relationships with my clients providing them with a holistic financial plan, to ensure they meet their financial objectives. I work with individuals, families and business owners to help them overcome their money stressors, make good financial decisions and save more towards their financial goals.

Helen Nettleship, Non advising Principal

As a Principal of Sherwood Corporate Solutions Ltd, I strive to make sure customer care is our main priority. I have worked within financial services in excess of 25 years, supporting advisers and undertaking the day to day running of the business. My main role is leadership of our administration team and to provide the necessary support for our advisers to achieve complete client satisfaction.

Andrea Senior, Administrator

I have worked for Sherwood Corporate Solutions Ltd for 12 years and have a vast knowledge of financial services administration. I have a keen enthusiasm for helping the advisers present a professional service to our clients. I enjoy providing support to our team and a friendly and helpful customer service.

Jenny Drabble, Administrator

I have been working at Sherwood Corporate Solutions Ltd for two years now and have gained a wide knowledge of the financial services industry. I help to provide our advisers with the support they need to provide a professional and comprehensive service to all of our clients. I also try to provide a welcoming environment for our clients either in the office or over the phone, ensuring they feel comfortable with the administration team and can phone us whenever they need to. I am part of a team at Sherwood Corporate Solutions Ltd who strive to exceed expectations.

Alan Wilkinson, Administrator

As a retired financial adviser, I met and worked with Rob in a previous role. I have worked alongside both Helen and Rob for many years and now work on a part-time basis for Sherwood Corporate Solutions Ltd in an administrative capacity. My industry knowledge is helpful in aiding the office staff in all they do.

Carolyn Talbot, Administrator

My main role is making contact with clients, booking appointments and ensuring that they are seen on a regular basis. Having worked for Rob and Helen for over 10 years, I have developed good working relationships with the client base and have seen the service grow from strength to strength. I enjoy my work and am enthusiastic about learning new things to keep up to date with office procedures.