Knowledge Briefing

Don't leave your family with a hefty tax bill
This month’s briefing looks at the rising impact of inheritance tax on families & examples of how you can potentially reduce your liability.     more

Are you in the sandwich generation?
If you’re supporting children and have elderly parents, you’ll need to plan your finances carefully.     more

Help your children onto the property ladder

There are several tax-efficient ways to support your children and grandchildren in making their move


Are you making the most of your ISA allowance?
The Chancellor may not have increased next year’s annual ISA allowance, but the substantial increase in the allowance to £20,000 for this tax year was a welcome step in encouraging people to invest for their futures.     more

Don’t let rising inflation erode your savings
This month’s Telegraph Financial Advice Bulletin looks at the impact rising inflation can have on cash savings and outlines how investing in the stock market could help counter its effect.     more

Flexible income in retirement - A translation exercise

If your pension savings are to be converted into a flexible income when you retire, you must think carefully about making the right investment decisions. This month’s Telegraph Knowledge Briefing examines the options.


How protecting your estate can benefit loved ones
This month’s Knowledge Briefing explains how effective estate planning can reduce Inheritance Tax and provide financial support for the family.     more

The search for income in a climate of ‘lower for longer’ interest rates
In this month’s Telegraph Knowledge Briefing Chris Ralph, Chief Investment Officer at St. James’s Place Wealth Management provides his expert views on how to overcome the problem of low savings rates.     more

Crossed wires
This month’s Telegraph Knowledge looks at the findings of research by The Wisdom Council* which reveals that a significantly high percentage of UK adults misunderstand their options at retirement.     more