Senior Partner Practice of
St. James's Place Wealth Management

Steven Daniels - Independent Member

Steven is the Chief Investment Officer of the Tesco UK staff pension scheme, where he is responsible for direct management of asset allocation, equities, bonds and property as well as selecting external fund managers across those asset classes and alternatives. Steven is also an independent member of the Investment Committee of the Alzheimer’s Society and has been a board member of various investment trusts.

Steven is an actuary and also a fund manager and Chief Investment Officer. He began his career with Pearl Assurance before 22 years with Liverpool Victoria from 1988. At Liverpool Victoria, Steven was appointed as the Group Director of Investment in 1996. He served as an Executive Director of Liverpool Victoria Friendly Society from 1996 until 2009 where he was Group Director of Asset Management and Acquisitions. He was Managing Director of Liverpool Victoria Asset Management from 1997 to 2008 and then served as its Executive Chairman.